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What is ASHURA?

賀忍者特殊軍団 阿修羅














ASHURA - The Iga Ninja Group

Iga,the birthplace of Iga-ryu ninjutsu ,prides itself on its ninja heritage

Being an important part of Iga’s cultural heritage, we have brought

the ninjas back to life and are hoping to show the realistic ninja image we have created to people everywhere.


The Ashura Ninja Group, named after Ashura, the god of war, performs at the Iga Museum of Ninjutsu 1,200 times a year.

Speed, technique, and dynamic performance; mental, physical, and technical prowess - all this has earned

the ninjas praise from around the world and makes for a truly unique Iga experience.


The Ashura ninjas have performed in Taiwan,Korean,Hawaii,America(National Cherry Blossom Festival 2012 in Washington,D.C,The New York Times Travel Show in New York),

Chaina(Beijing),Spain,France(Japan Expo 2013 in Paris)and Italy(Expo Milano 2015),Brazil, Tailand(Bangkok),England(London),Ise Shima Summit 2016 in Japan.

and are attracting more international offers from a growing list of countries.

Other than that ,TV programs (NHK World etc.), commercials, movies and theatre.


Ashura entertains visitors with an expert performance,

and strives to keep alive the true traditions of Iga-ryu ninjutsu.


Please note that all schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions and any other unforeseen interruptions.

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